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Da Clockwork Grot.

This story is set between 'Who Killed Da Dead Lad?' and 'Da 'Ole Of Darkness'.

An ork mekboy is dead and now the orks are hunting a runaway dreadnought. But Mek Batrug thinks that there is not dreadnought and he turns to the one ork he thinks can solve the mystery.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Da Day Of Da Runt

This story is set between 'Da Portal of Darkness' and 'Da Raiders From Da Shadows'.

Bigger is better - its  a simple fact of life to orks. But now bigger is a problem as Hazug Throatslitter is called upon to defeat an unusual enemy.

Da Steel Beast

This story is set between 'Da Boss of Da Dead' and 'Da Isle of Doom'.

Loot from the battle against the necrons is vanishign before it can reach the city. Eager to obtain parts, Two Heads approahces Hazug for help.

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