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The Hazug Throatslitter stories.

These stories are the reason I created this website. Hazug Throatslitter is an ork of the Blood Axe clan, the last one on his home planet. Blood Axes have a reputation for being sneaky and underhanded instead of 'proper' orks, so when events call for a response other than brute force there's only one ork for the job...

Note that because ork speech (like everything else about them) is crude, deliberate spelling mistakes have been used in dialogue.

No squigs were harmed writing these stories.

Who Killed Da Dead Lad?

Da 'Ole Of Death

Da Cybork Menace

Da Portal Of Darkness

Da Raiders From Da Shadows

Da Boss Of Da Dead

Da Isle Of Doom

Blood And Rocks

Waaargh! Hazug!

The Hazug Throatslitter Short Stories


Catachan One Nine Mark Four Mark Two.

The jungle fighters of Catachan are famed among the Imperial Guard. These are the adventures of one platoon in particular.

Outside Influence

Alien Heresy

Jungle Manhunt


Comrades In Arms

Ritual Of Darkness



Cast Adrift

Legion Of The Dead

The Emperor's Wrath



Out Of The Ashes

Belly Of The Beast


New World

Blood Sport

City of Darkness


Other Warhammer 40,000 Writing.

Post Mortem

The Drop


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