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Games Workshop Ltd
Since this site is primarily dedicated to Games Workshop Ltd's Warhammer 40,000 universe, it is only fitting that I provide you with links to GW's websites where you can find out more about their products.

Games Workshop
The main website for purchasing Games Workshop products and information about their games.

A branch of Games workshop that produces resin kits for use with Games Workshop games.

Black Library
Where you can find official fiction and reference books set in Games Workshop's games universes.

TV & Film
Babylon 5
The epic series.

A site dedicated to all of the Stargate TV shows (SG1, Atlantis, Universe).
Also includes links to sites dedicated to other sci-fi shows (Battlestar Galactica, Andromeda...)

Because sci-fi shouldn't take itself too seriously.

South Park Studios
Star Trek
Star Wars

I support a handful of charities on a regular basis, and give to others less regularly. Here are some I believe worthy of support.

Looks after ex-servicemen who have suffered the loss of limbs.

Help For Heroes
Support troops wounded in battle

Looks after serving and former members of the UK's Royal Air Force

Cares for serving and former servicemen and their families.

The H.P.Lovecraft Historical Society
Keeping the mythos alive.
The YouTube channel for a friend of mine who is keen on building his own Warhammer 40K titans.

A blog site that I've often visited.
Website where you can download an entire science fiction roleplaying game for free. This is the game that got me started in all of this.

West Wind Games
Where I got the WWII style heads for converting some of my Imperial Guard. They do a full range of figures and vehicles for this era.

Pig Iron Productions

Another source of alternate hads for Imperial Guard. I obtained near future heads from here.

Hasslefree Miniatures

Producers of a range of fantasy, modern and sci-fi miniatures.

Background Labs

The source for some of the background patterns used on this site.

Background image miniature design copyright of Games Workshop Ltd.

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