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Observations from behind the kiosk

Think 'The customer is always right'?

Think again.

While at university I worked part time at my local supermarket. In particular behind the kiosk where cigarettes and lottery tickets were sold. My opinions of some customers were not only widely known, they were documented and pinned to the canteen wall.  Here is the list of things that I often found myself wanting to say. I found it useful as a training aide when I had to teach others how the kiosk was run and copies found their way to other supermarkets too (not necessarily of the same chain).

2728: Breakout

It is 1944 and the Allied liberation of Europe is underway. A detachment of men from the Royal Air Force has been given orders to seize an airfield in the Netherlands. But when their contact in the local resistance fails to appear they find themselves facing something far more sinister than a force of Luftwaffe troops protecting their base.

Warspite: An Oncoming Storm

When a mysterious starship fires on an exploration ship many light years from Earth the Commonwealth Space Vessel Warspite is sent to investigate. What it's crew find far beyond the frontier of known space threatens to change the way humanity sees itself in the universe.

Warspite: Lost Empire

Six months after the Sissusk attack on Liberty the Commonwealth has been unable to establish contact with their alien neighbours. A task force of ships led by the Warspite is ordered into Sissusk space to find out why only for them to find a bigger mystery there that could herald a much greater threat to the Commonwealth that the Sissusk pose...


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