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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

It is a time of crisis. Rebel forces fighting
against the evil Galactic Empire are outnumbered
and outgunned by their foes. They must instead rely on guerrilla
warfare and hit and fade strikes by small groups against stronger

One such group is lead by the exiled nobleman Vorn Larcus III who, with the help of the smuggler Mace Grayle, captain of the freighter the Silver Hawk take the fight to the Empire.
Facing them are a multitude of enemies, both seen and unseen as the Empire plots to bring down the Rebel Alliance and forever extinguish hope and freedom in the galaxy...  


Season 0 Index

Episode 0-00: First Assignment


Season 1 Index

Episode 1-01: Raid at Allastra

Episode 1-02: The Imperator Extraction

Episode 1-03: Ship of Shadows

Episode 1-04: Dead Drop

Episode 1-05: The Lost Haven

Episode 1-06: Point of View

Episode 1-07: The Metal Killers

Episode 1-08: The Privateer Menace

Episode 1-09: Hunter and Prey

Episode 1-10:Seek and Destroy

Episode 1-11: Hostage Crisis

Episode 1-12: Showdown

Season 2 Index

Episode 2-01: Hero's Return

Episode 2-02: Hero's Rescue

Episode 2-03: Trail of a Traitor

Episode 2-04: Memories of a Dead Empire

Episode 2-05: Pirate Bait

Episode 2-06: Take the Ocean Queen!

Episode 2-07: Children of War

Episode 2-08: Path to Power

Episode 2-09: In the Shadow of a Black Sun

Episode 2-10: The Allastra Deception

Episode 2-11: My Enemy's Enemy

Episode 2-12: Cloud of Darkness


Season 3 Index

Episode 3-01: The Way Home, Part 1

Episode 3-02: The Way Home, Part 2

Episode 3-03: Conflict of Interest

Episode 3-04: Family Affair

Episode 3-05: Terror From Beyond

Episode 3-06: Crash Landing

Episode 3-07: The Final Goodbye

Episode 3-08: Justice Delayed

Episode 3-09: Justice Delivered

Episode 3-10: Stolen Heart

Episode 3-11: Duet

Episode 3-12: Family Ties

Season 4 Index

Episode 4-01: Sibling Rivalry

Episode 4-02; The Battle of Tarlen

Episode 4-03: The Phantom Visit

Episode 4-04: 66

Episode 4-05: Pre-Emptive Strike

Episode 4-06: Doorway to Beyond

Episode 4-07: Elder Statesman

Episode 4-08: Prize of War

Episode 4-09: Death in the Dark

Episode 4-10: Mistaken Identity

Episode 4-11: Lost Warriors

Episode 4-12: The Forge


Season 5 Index

Episode 5-01: Rescue Mission

Episode 5-02: Return to the Forge

Episode 5-03: Turncoats

Episode 5-04: War Crimes

Episode 5-05: Lost and Found

Episode 5-06: Production Line

Episode 5-07: The Defector

Episode 5-08: Save the Ocean Queen

Episode 5-09: An Inside Job

Episode 5-10: To Catch a Thief

Episode 5-11: Plea Bargain

Episode 5-12: Mutual Enemies

Season 6 Index

Episode 6-01: Mutual Enemies Part 2

Episode 6-02: Mutual Enemies Part 3

Episode 6-03: Extra Curricular Activity

Episode 6-04: Too Good to Miss

Episode 6-05: Too Good to be True

Episode 6-06: Too Good to Leave Behind

Episode 6-07: Too Good to be Forgotten

Episode 6-08: A Little Job on the Side

Episode 6-09: Supply Line

Episode 6-10:  Escape Plan

Episode 6-11:  A Thousand Years of Pain

Episode 6-12: Diversionary Attack


Season 7 Index

Episode 7-01: A Friend In Need

Episode 7-02: Stealing Justice

Episode 7-03: Stowaways

Episode 7-04: Keep Your Enemies Closer

Episode 7-05: Prisoner Exchange Part 1

Episode 7-06: Prisoner Exchange Part 2

Episode 7-07: School's Out

Episode 7-08: Fallout

Episode 7-09: The Man Who Would Be Emperor

Episode 7-10: Doublecross

Episode 7-11: A Droid In The Hand

Episode 7-12:  Change In Leadership

Season 8 Index 

Episode 8-01: Take the Forge

Episode 8-02: Counter Revolution

Episode 8-03: Laws of Salvage

Episode 8-04: The Industry of War

Episode 8-05: The Droid we're Looking For

Episode 8-06: Expanding the Fleet

Episode 8-07: Problem Neighbours

Episode 8-08: Survivors

Episode 8-09: More Than Meets the Eye

Episode 8-10:  A Deal With the Devil

Episode 8-11: An Offer of Friendship

Episode 8-12: Family Heirloom


(250 years before the battle of Yavin)

It is a time of peace and prosperity. The Galactic Republic is at its height with the Jedi Order acting as the guardians of this peace. But even in such a time there are pockets of darkness that if left unchecked could threaten this stability.

When veteran Jedi Knight Jayk Udra is unexpectedly commanded to serve as master to his own niece Brae, the pair suddenly find themselves facing a threat from the distant past that could yet resurface to bring down the Republic they serve.


Season 1 Index

Episode 1-01: Master & Apprentice

Episode 1-02: Crime & Punishment

Episode 1-03: Weapons & Ammunition

Episode 1-04: Love & Money

Episode 1-05: Dead & Buried

Episode 1-06: Divide & Conquer

Episode 1-07: Life & Liberty

Episode 1-08: Corruption & Greed

Episode 1-09: Break & Enter

Episode 1-10: Death & Destruction

Episode 1-11: Prophecy & Consequence

Episode 1-12: Escape & Evade

Season 2 Index                             














(Approximately four thousand years before the Battle of Yavin.)

Eleven families.

Twelve generations.

One evil.


Three hundred years ago a small group of intrepid explorers surveyed the Narthis Sector and soon it became another part of the Galactic Republic. The descendants of most of these explorers still reside in the sector, where they have become both famous and wealthy.

But did the original explorers divulge everything they discovered? Or have their families been hiding some dark secret ever since?


Now a jedi knight has vanished without trace and the investigation will bring another family to the sector. From now on nothing will be the same…




Important note: This story contains some spoiler information about events in seasons 1-5


Season 1 Index.

Episode I-I: Arrival

Episode I-II: Diversion

Episode I-III: Ransom

Episode I-IV: Salvage

Episode I-V: Solo

Episode I-VI: Nexus

Episode I-VII: Prologue

Episode I-VIII: Relics

Episode I-IX: Sensitivity

Episode I-X: Echo

Episode I-XI: Autopsy

Episode I-XII: Ambush

Season 2 Index.

Episode II-I: Protection

Episode II-II: Superweapon

Episode II-III: Frontier

Episode II-IV: Breakout

Episode II-V: Labyrinth

Episode II-VI: Drained

Episode II-VII: Provocation

Episode II-VIII: Insurrection

Episode II-IX: Necropolis

Episode II-X: Lure

Episode II-XI: Migration

Episode II-XII: Renegade


Season 3 Index.

Episode III-I: Malice

Episode III-II: Settlement

Episode III-III: Acquisition

Episode III-IV: Opportunity

Episode III-V: Pursuit

Episode III-VI: Failure

Episode III-VII: Allies

Episode III-VIII: Entrapment

Episode III-IX: Burglary

Episode III-X: Clue

Episode III-XI: Snared

Episode III-XII: Celebration

Season 4 Index

Episode IV-I: Redemption

Episode IV-II: Scapegoat

Episode IV-III: Parasites

Episode IV-IV: Fratricide

Episode IV-V: Scandal

Episode IV-VI: Whistleblower

Episode IV-VII: Uncovered

Episode IV-VIII: Glory

Episode IV-IX: Campaign

Episode IV-X: Monsters

Episode IV-XI: Hideout

Episode IV-XII: Election


Season 5 Index

Episode V-I: Inauguration

Episode V-II: Escape

Episode V-III: Trophy

Episode V-IV: Showdown

Episode V-V: Regeneration

Episode V-VI: Independence

Episode V-VII: Purge

Episode V-VIII: Peacekeepers

Episode V-IX: Execution

Episode V-X: Storms

Episode V-XI: Reconnaissance

Episode V-XII: Awakening















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The Star Wars universe is the intellectual property of Lucasfilm Limited.
The material presented here is a derived work and totally unofficial. Lucasfilm Limited has not endorsed any of it.

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