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The Dominion War is long over but the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are still in turmoil. The destruction of Romulus has seen the Romulan Star Empire collapse into civil war as rival colonies struggle to establish themselves as the new capital. The Cardassian Union is still in ruins and with the military the only force with any credibility it faces the threat of falling back under the rule of the Central Command once more. In the Klingon Empire rival houses are rewriting history regarding their actions during the war, while in the Federation outlying worlds are resenting what they see as an unfair concentration of resources on the core worlds.

Amongst all of this there is something else at work. A force that can come and go at will while leaving no evidence other than the chaos it leaves in its wake. Now the future of the galaxy lies in the hands of the crew of an experimental starship that many in the Federation would like to see scrapped.

These are the voyages of the USS Nightfall...


1. Maiden Voyage.

2. Fleet of Ghosts

3. Consequences

4. A Beacon In The Darkness

5. A Conflict Of Logic

6. Clouds In Blue Skies

7. Root Of All Evil

8. Past Loyalties

9. Peace In Our Time

10. ComingOf Age

11. Virtual Warfare

12. Echos of the Distant Path

13. Cold War

14. Revelations

15. The Day The Sky Fell

16. Dark Science

17. Ghost in the Machine



1. These stories are set in the 'original' Star Trek timeline (that is of 'Enterprise', the original series, 'The Next Generation', 'Deep Space 9' and 'Voyager'). This is the timeline that Nero left , therefore the destruction of the USS Kelvin and the planet Vulcan as seen in the 2009 film by J.J. Abrams have not occured.

2. I've taken some extreme liberties in interpreting the canon of Star Trek. I don't use the 'Starfleet Marines' that some like to include in their fan fiction, but I do make use of both Earth MACOs and Andorian Imperial Guard seen in the TV series 'Enterprise' despite there being no evidence that either organisation still existed by the late 24th century.

Copyright Notice. Star Trek is the intellectual property of Paramount Pictures Ltd. The fiction presented here is a derived work and Paramount has not endorsed any of it.

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