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Dark Angels

The thunderhawk gunship I bought from Forgeworld came with both main weapon options, leaving me with a spare gun. The only thing I could think of to do with it was to scratchbuild another thunderhawk around it. You can see the results here next to the original.


Praetorian 24th Regiment

From left to right:

  • Resin model from Forgeworld.
  • Scratchbuilt plasticard copy of the resin kit.
  • Plastic kit released along with the Apocalypse expansion.

Adeptus Mechanicus

Here you see my four warhound scout titans. Two of these are the resin Forgeworld kits, while the other two are scratchbuilt copies. Each copy used about 1500 pieces of palsticard!

In keeping with the background, I name my titans. From left to right are: Sweetest Pain, Backwoods, Starnger and Saint Hilary.

Up from the warhounds come reaver battle titans. These three are entirely scratchbuilt, based on the Lucius pattern instead of the Mars pattern availble from Forgeworld. As you can see, in addition to the two Imperial reavers, I have also built a chaos reaver dedicated to Nurgle.

These are named: Saint Haylie, Play With Fire and Vile.

Next up is the mighty warlord titan. This one is named Dignity.

This image shows the relative sizes of my titans.



Imperial Armour volume 8 gives rules for customising ork stompas. This Death Skulls custom stompa has been given a bursta kannon in place of its normal main arm mounted gun and a deff arsnal built into its body. This involved sticking as many gun barrels as I could to the model.

This ork big pulsa rokkit is made from a genuine bomb! An RAF practice bomb to be exact. The launchpad is made from a plastic plate while the scaffolding is built from plasticard and .22LR rimfire ammunition containers.

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