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Catachan jungle fighter carnosaur


  Daemon prince of nurgle

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Winged hive tyrant



Catachan Jungle Fighters

The big brother of my Catachan rough riders, a plastic jungle fighter riding on a fantasy carnosaur.

Some time ago Games Workshop publiched rules for using large fantasy creatures in game of Warhammer 40k in an issue of White Dwarf. Another regular customer at GW Manchester put these to use. Since then the manager has updated and expanded these rules and offers then for download from the store's Facebook page.



This daemon prince is made from a Warhammer Fantasy giant with wings from a Lord of the Rings Balrog added. the wings fit surprisingly neatly.

This squat daemon prince is also made by adding wings to a larger figure, in this case a plastic ogre bull. It is then mounted on a 60mm round base. For scale I've shown it next to an originalCitadel Chaos Squat and a daemon prince and chaos marine of Nurgle.



This big squiggoth was built using a Warhammer Fantasy Lizardman Stegadon with a howdah made from the bodywork of a 40k ork trukk. The suggestion for this was put forth by the manager of Games Workshop's Manchester store.

Up from the big squiggoth is the gargantuan squiggoth.This one is amde from a Lord of the Rings war mumak. This was widened and lenghened with plasticard and the extended sections concealled beneath the platting of the scratchbuilt plasticard howdah.



This hive tyrant uses Lord of the Rings balrog wings attached in place of its upper arms. Scything talons ahve been used for the middel and lower sets. The lack of legs gives the impression that this creature spends most of its time in the air.




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