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Lion El'Jonson

Imperial Guard 78th Praetorian regiment

   Comany HQ

   Platoon HQ

  Infantry squad

   Heavy weapons teams

   Special weapons squad


Imperial Guard 5th Praetorian regiment

   Company HQ

   Infantry squad

   Heavy weapon squad

   Veteran squad

Adeptus Mechanicus


Dark Eldar


   Incubi Lord



   Ork 'Ard Nob

   Feral Snake Bites



Dark Angels

I made the Primarch of the Drak Angels using limbs from terminator marines with a regular marine torso. the body was bulked out using belt pouches. The pre-Heresey boltgun comes from RTB01 - the first plastic boxed set of marines from the 1980's!


78th Praetorian Regiment

The look of this Imperial Guard regiment was inspired by images of WWII British and Commonwealth troops. The look was achieved using metal heads intended for a WWII era wargame by West Wind Games mounted on plastic Cadians.

The company command unit, including a pair of bodyguards for the officer.

A platoon level command squad

A regular infantry squad.

Two heavy weapons teams. The prone autocannon crew were created using running figures lay down.

A special weapons team with flamers.

A veterans squad. These figures use metal kasrkin


5th Praetorian Regiment

As with the 78th Regiment above I exchanged the heads of cadians (or space marine scouts forunits equipped with carapace armour instead of flak) for some produced by another company to produce this one. In this case I used near future heads from Pig Iron Productions. I also added as many different bits of equipment as I could.

This company command squad makes use of space marine scouts with Imperial guard weapons and equipment.

The standard infantry squad uses cadian bodies and the Pig Iron near future heads. Note that I've not inclluded a heavy weapon team in the squad. For this regiment I've concentrated the heavy weapons in specialist squads.

One of the heavy weapon squads. Again this uses cadian bodies and near future heads.

My veteran squad is another that uses space marine scouts instead of cadian bodies. In this case it not only allows me to create a squad with carapace armour, but also to arm them with shotguns without needing further conversion.


Adeptus Mechanicus

This tech priestess was converted from a Mordheim amazon leader with the addition of a space marine backpack. Her headdress was replaced by Battlefleet Gothic antennae while her mechandrite tail was built from electronic component spacers over a length of wire and tipped with another antenna.

The trio of servitors were all built from different figures. From left to right:

  • A fantasy Empire flagelant with the head from an Imperial Guard tank commander.
  • A valkyrie door gunner with a chaos marien head.
  • A terminator front torso, marien arms and the arms of a tau battlesuit for legs.


Being individual charcaters, Imperial Inquisitors and their henchmen offer excellent opportunity for converting.

From left to right:

  • An inquistor converted from the marine captain in the Assault on Black Reach boxed set. Used as the special character Hector Rex.
  • Inquisitor in terminator armour. Made from an Assault on Balck Reach terminator marine with a thunderhammer from the terminator assault squad set and psycannon from a Grey Knight terminator.
  • Inquisitor made from a Space Marine scout torso and Imperial Guard tank commander legs.
  • A sinister looking witch hunter using torso and legs from the tank accessory sprue. His cape is from the Cadian command sprue and his cowled head is from the Dark Angels veterans sprue.
  • A gun servitor henchman. It uses feet from a tau battlesuit, its legs are from sentinel chainblades  and the gun is a  plasma cannon from a Leman Russ kit.

Dark Eldar

These figures are from the original Dark Eldar figure range. Recently a new range of models has been released by Games Workshop. The army I am building now uses a radically different colour scheme.

A pair of archons built from the old plastic dark eldar warriors set and an assortment of spare parts from my  bits box.

This incubi lord is made from one of the bodyguards in the old Asdrubael Vect vehicle kit. The slave he has on a leash is also taken from that kit.



Wanting a warboss in mega armour that was not the special character Ghazghkull Thraka I built this suit of mega armour mainly out of parts from Leman Russ kits. He literally is a walking tank!

This Goff ork 'ard nob is built from an ork nob from the nobs boxed set. The pistol was removed and replaced by a shield made from half of one of the side panels of an ork trukk.

These feral Snake Bites were made using Warhammer Fantasy savage orks and swapping theri weapons for 40k ork ones.


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Converted miniatures remain the copyright of Games Workshop Ltd.

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