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Dark Angels librarian on bike

Catachan Jungle Fighter rough rider squad

Ork warboss on segway

Chaos scorceror on disc of Tzeentch

Tau flying battlesuit



Dark Angels

This librarian on a bike was made from a regular space marine bike with the rider taken from the Dark Angels Ravenwing sprue. The psychic hood was built from short lengths of plasticard with wire to hold it in shape.


Catachan Jungle Fighters

Rather than mount my Imperial Guard rough riders on horseback, I used xenos mounts made from plastic fantasy dark elf cold ones. The riders come from the catachan jungles fighters boxed set.



This converted warboss, taken from the Assault on Black Reach set has been mounted on a scratchbuitl segway. The ultimate iin orky personal transport. I treat is as a wabike.



This chaos scorceror is made from a mix of dark angels veterans and chaos marine parts. It is mounted on a scratchbuilt disc of Tzeentch made from plasticard with various bits added to give it a more organic look.



This alternative to a tau broadside battlesuit uses the 'wings' fom a skyray missile tank mounted on a standard battlesuit.

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